The Princeton Traveler is beginning a new series that interviews bloggers and other travel writers and photographers. We hope that these interviews will help you expand your interest in travel and learn some awesome travel tips for future endeavors. Enjoy!

No Destinations is a blog written by Danika and Chris, who are from San Francisco. In March of 2014, they decided to leave their home and travel the world. The original plan was to travel for six months, but it quickly turned into at least a yearlong adventure. They have currently travelled to 12 countries and over 40 cities and have plans for many, many more...

Princeton Traveler: How did you come up with the idea of No Destinations?
No Destinations: It first started as a half-assed way to keep our families informed. We kept posting more and more photos and realized that it can be a full-time job! Just started doing it and people responded well to it and it really took off. When we left there was no particular destination in mind.

PT: How did you get involved in travel writing?
ND: Danika used to be a travel writer – she used to work for an online publication – writing about places, posting pictures, and getting responses. She first started a blog to keep our families and friends up to date. Anyone can be a writer but you need to have compelling content and good pictures to really captivate an audience. You need to make it come together and make it worthwhile that people want to come back and read your blog again.

PT: What are your go-to tips on travel writing?
ND: Remember to keep authentic to your voice. Don’t recite history. Try to find something unique. You can only say something is “amazing” or “beautiful” so many times. The challenge is to convey “beauty” in your own words. Don’t follow rules and make sure your voice comes across in your writing!

PT: You guys have some awesome photos. What travel photography tips do you have?
ND: Make sure to invest in a good camera. Try to avoid using flash and if you can, even buy a tripod. Most importantly, take A LOT of pictures so that you can pick the best one out of the many you take.

PT: What is your favorite article from No Destinations??
Chris: The article about ice walking in Iceland. I got a lot of really great photos there too!
Danika: Putting together our top photos of 2014 and also the article about the best beer cities.

PT: What do you miss most from home when you are on the road for long stretches of time?
ND: Our dog who is dog-sitting with Danika’s parents. Also, having our own home, a little more stability, and of course having our own kitchen.

PT: Favorite mode of transportation?
ND: Walking! We rarely rent cars…most places we travel, like cities, have public transportation, but other than that it’s very convenient to take taxis to the places we need to get to.

PT: What is the best travel experience from your early twenties?
Danika: Las Vegas and Yosemite National Park to go camping.
Chris: I travelled a lot in the United States during my 20s.

PT: Most exotic memorable location?
ND: We went to a tiny island in Bali and rented little mopeds to go drive around the island alone. It felt like one of the places that was most authentic. We went on scary bridge that connected to other island and that was both exciting and fun.

PT: Do you prefer to travel alone or in groups?
ND: We prefer to travel alone, we have been in group situations before, but a group of strangers is not ideal. Travelling alone allows us to be spontaneous and decide on what we want to do. Once we stayed at a bar in Belgium for 10 hours, just for fun. We don’t necessarily “travel” all the time; it’s important to have the freedom to sit around and hang and not visit everything. When Chris stayed in Amsterdam, he visited all of the hotels and had a totally different experience when we came back 8 years later. After being there for a longer time, there was a whole other side that we noticed after being there for a month.

PT: If you had to remain in the United States, where would you go for 1 month?
Danika: I would definitely travel up the West Coast, going from Southern to Northern California. You see so many different things and different landscapes and climates. The Pacific Coast Highway is beautiful. I also recommend San Francisco!
Chris: I would visit San Francisco, definitely, and New York as well.

PT: What is your favorite part about traveling?
Chris: For me it is getting to see new things and also getting excited about going to new places. I am always looking forward to the “next new thing.”
Danika: Food! Anthony Bourdain restaurants in particular are great.

PT: What’s next on your travel agenda?
ND: From Berlin we are going to visit Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Singapore, India and Nepal! We are really excited!

To learn more about Danika and Chris and their adventures check out their website, For other awesome pictures and posts take a look at their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.