Well what a year it has been! We launched in February, have published 6 issues now, and have formed this great community of travelers, wanderers, and explorers. Our Facebook page is booming, instagram photos are drool worthy (check it: http://instagram.com/princeton_traveler), and we have updated our site to include a search bar for better navigation.

We have featured 101 articles covering numerous countries that span over 4 continents, and I myself have probably clicked the PT homepage many many more times. Some hefty accomplishments for a small publication that started a mere nine months ago.

I am also excited to share that we are publishing a BEST OF 2014 print issue to really close out the year and welcome the new one. So keep on the lookout for some massive distribution when you come back for that oh so joyous reading week.

While I am aware that it is only November, and I sound like we are wrapping up Christmas and looking at the new year, for PT we are wrapping up our last online issue of 2014 and taking a look at how Princeton has traveled. I think it is easy to forget how many areas of the world we have touched and, in turn, how much of the world has touched us. PT is just a snapshot of the interaction between place and person, yet I think it accurately captures the beauty found through curiosity and adventure.

So thank you for making this possible, be it your writing, reading, or liking; you keep us ticking!

Peace, Love, PT
Kate Kaneko

Photo Credit: Atleigh Forden in Greenland