Puerto Rican Rum-blings

My friend and I found ourselves sitting in a hole-in the wall bar at 2:00 am surrounded by our hostel-mates. The cast of characters included a Brit, a Dane, and an American recently returned from Panama, engaged in a vigorous game of...

Ghana through a Different Lens

Shanghai Legality

Stumbling around Sucre

Two Sides to a Sunny Coin: Bahamas

A Moveable "Feat" in Paris

A Bittersweet Present: Israel

Standing under the shadow of the starry evening sky and enveloped in a thick silence that I hardly want to break, I poise myself to speak. Thoughts race through my head: “Will I do this iconic speech justice?” What an honor to stand in Rabin...

La Loma-- More than a hill

The Dream Fulfilled: Nafplio, Greece

The Ancient Water City of China

As I stood at the immigration checkpoint in the San Francisco airport, the officer asked, as was the routine, where I had been and what I had been doing. When I explained to him that I was part of a student delegation to the Second Annual...

Brooklyn Bridge: a Photo Essay

Hiking Highs: a Photo Essay

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~Avigail Gilad '19