China through the Looking Glass

There have been several moments in the past few weeks when I stop, look up from what Iím doing, take a minute to absorb, and ask myself: ďWhat the hell am I doing here?Ē I had one of those moments this week, when I found myself walking along a...

Braving Montauk

Toilet Land of Japan

Medina Memories in Fez

Hometown in the Hudson: Poughkeepsie

Beyond the Pina Colada: Costa Rica†

When I first moved to Costa Rica, my expectations were far greater than the reality I settled into. Departing from safe, routine, suburbia Idaho, I expected to land on short, exotic airstrip just yards from the beach. Rather, we...

Chatter in the U-Bahn

Colorado Snow Globe: Vail

I grew up in Vail, Colorado, a small, ski resort town in the midst of the Rocky Mountains. Born in St. Louis, I moved to Vail when I was eight years old. Before moving, my family used to visit various ski towns in Colorado from time to time,...

The Globetrotting Career

I graduated from Princeton a month ago and Iím now traveling indefinitely.

Although it might seem like it, this isnít an extended vacation or bucket-list trip. Like many other recent grads, finding a good job in a worthwhile...