Cafe Reflections: Azerbaijan 

I recline in the cushioned cream armchair on the balcony of Mado, my favorite café in Baku, awaiting my Azerbaijani tea in its hourglass-shaped cup and its accompanying petite pastry with apricot preserves. If I close my eyes, I could be...

Let it Go in Scandinavia

Par(ad)is(e) Lost

The Concrete Jungle

Tuk-in' into Nepalese Transport: Kathmandu 

A Dog-Eat-Dog World: Mpala, Kenya

"Vamos a la playa" Caracas: Puerto Rico

Playa Caracas, Vieques, Puerto Rico was beautiful. I didn’t know what Caracas meant; I only knew that I had to lay aside my Jamaican beach snobbery for the day and revel in the perfect blue of its sea. The water was headstrong there. It...

Picture Perfect Poland

The Kabuki Revolution 

Last summer, I spent nine weeks in living in a homestay in Tokyo, teaching English, working at a summer camp, and journeying through Japan. Born and raised in Hawaii, I grew up surrounded by Japanese culture but never had the opportunity...

How Low Can You Go: Rabat, Morocco

On the Outskirts: Paris

Historically Fresh: Cambridge

Troweling in Transylvania

The Best Seafood I Ever Had

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~David Fridovich-Keil '15

Caring for Cambodia: Photo Essay