Tangled Streets of a Roman Holiday

Forget about tour guides. The best way to explore Rome is with a third-year architecture student who has spent the last few months walking, sketching, and living the ancient cobblestone streets and narrow alleyways of the city.


Keeping Pace with London-town

Paris, I Tried to Love You

To Soak in the Catalan

And the Speakin's Easy in Barcelona

Coffee-side chats in Warsaw

“Now we’ll never make it to our dinner reservation.”

My father grumbled as we traipsed up the stairs to collect our coats and rejoin the old family friends waiting for us in the Polonia Palace lobby. The couple – childhood friends...

No Snaps in Salalah

Manila-Man Gone Hacking 

Rome-ing Around

I was definitely lost. My first night in Rome was not turning out how I anticipated, but as I wound my way through tiny, medieval streets that all looked identical and vaguely sinister, I suddenly rounded a corner and found myself in a...

Going Undercover: Paris

Wandering Around the Shuk

Briana Brii Christophers '17 recently went to Israel; check out her photos here! - http://princetontraveler.com/photo_essays/photoessay1.php