Losing Myself in Madagascar

When I reflect on the eight weeks I spent in Madagascar this summer, I feel blessed that I could experience so many wonders. I still dream about the cathedral-esque cave in Ankarana Reserve, in the north of Madagascar, where the echoes...

L'arte di Assistenza in Italia

Architecting China

Climbing towards the Rising Sun: Japan

The Purr-fect Tea

Floating Down the Ngo Dong River: Vietnam

Rwanda's Muzungo

Muzungo! The word was shouted everywhere we went.

The definition: “white person” or “rich person.”

Mainly in our case, it means “white person,” but based on the fact that some would walk up to us and simply tell us to give them...

To Smell the English Rose

Looking for Cecil's

Food for Thought: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dropping the chocolate bar into the warm milk, I stirred and watched the drink before me turn from a warm, white milk to a dark, tasty hot chocolate, or what they called a submarino. Next to my warm beverage was a plate of croissants, or...

Human Compasses in Ghana

Dancing to Nederland

Twenty friends entered the foyer, intermingling with the audience while they casually sipped their drinks and chatted before the final showing in the theater. The showing would consist of repertoire, improvisation, and new...