Sallah-brating in Tamale, Ghana

At 7 pm on the twenty-eighth day of Ramadan, the people of Tamale, the hub of the Northern Region of Ghana, didn't see a crescent moon in the night sky. More significantly, that meant that the fast would continue for another day, making...

The Discovery of Greece

A World Cup Affair in Ghana

Summer by the Sea in Bermuda

When in Nam

Passport to the Passion of Puntarenas

Lost in Translation.. but with a Geschenk

On the flight from Boston to Paris, no one speaks. No, that is not exactly true. Flight attendants slide quiet, measured Bonsoir ‘s between their teeth. The frayed ends of conversations between friends and families trail into the...

The Mumbai “Local”

"I Am Afraid of the Routine" in Oranienburg, Germany

This phrase was embroidered on a tote bag I bought at the Berlin Mauerpark flea market a week ago. This was part of a “Fears of a City” design project that a Hungarian lady and her daughter had started upon immigrating to Berlin. They...

A Wrong Turn to Florence

Sick in Spain

1.2 Billion Faces of India

Knafeh-ng's Gunna Get You Down in Jordan

Knafeh, a syrupy cheese pastry, is the sweet of choice for Jordanians. Though the pastry originates in Palestine, Jordan has now adopted it as Palestinians comprise about half of the population. Every night, locals line up to get...