Sessions on the Sea

Miltown reveals itself in a quick glance from the passenger seat of Joe Burke’s taxi. As I peer up and down Main Street–the only street–I can’t help but feel I’ve made a mistake. This is the epicenter of the Irish music world? This is where...

S7 nach Ahrensfelde

How to Survive a German Supermarket

Roof-hopping in St Petersburg

8 Hours in Repubblica di San Marino

¡Viva España!

Azerbaijan: Really Off the Beaten Path

I've been fortunate enough to travel to quite a few places--some even off the beaten path of the typical tourist--but that didn't prevent my parents from being more than a bit shocked when I suggested that I was applying for a summer...

What's the craic (crack) in Ireland?

A D-Day Landing: Normandy

I have to admit that I hadn't realized that I would be landing in France on the 70th anniversary of D-Day until two days before my flight was going to leave. When I did realize it, I navigated my way through the French train website in order to...

Embracing Imperfection in Aix en Provence


Scooter and ye shall find Geneva 

Ahlan y'all: How Moroccan Culture is Not So Different from the South 

Who Said All Work and No Play? A Day Off in Nanyuki, Kenya

This summer I am spending two months in Nanyuki, Kenya, for a research internship with the Caylor Lab Group of the CEE department. I, along with Haley Lane, Miranda Bernard, and Julia Signell are conducting research on water...

Paris: The Beauty of Small Buildings