A "Geeft" from Greece

Telemachus saw Athene and went straight to the forecourt, the heart within him scandalized that a guest should still be standing at the doors. He stood beside her and took her by the right hand, and relieved her of the bronze spear, and...

Bargaining Under the Sun 

The Time "Swine Flu" in the Orient

Japaneats: An Inside Look on Japan’s Food Culture 

A Train Story

Frigid Toilet Seats and Frozen Tears

Before going to Denmark for my semester abroad, I had heard from various people that the winters there are really cold. Alarmed, I looked up the forecast and was relieved to see that even in the coldest months of January and February, the...

Earthquake in China

Trip Advisors: Roamers in the Dominican Republic

How to make French toast (and friends)

1 baguette, left to harden 3-4 days, sliced

“Don’t eat that!”
“Huh? Why not?” I was taken aback to hear my housemate and co-summer-intern, Alissa, rebuke me for trying to slice us some bread for lunch—we had shared every meal...

Foreign Seoul

A Rainy Beijing Night

Last summer, I saw a man get beaten. I was in front of the Sanlitun Village shopping complex in Sanlitun district, a wealthier part of Beijing known for its high concentration of expats, luxury designer stores, and vibrant nightclubs....