72 Hours in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, one of Scandinavia’s most international and bustling cities, is a must-visit for anyone that loves to travel. History and modernity live side by side, and the city bursts with life and personality. There is so much to see,...

“Why, of all places, Annapolis?”

Snapshot of Parque Soberania, Panama

Fording the Amazon...gone wrong

The Underdog of Japan: Kyoto

Hospitality in Irbid, Jordan

Irbid, Jordan: A mid-sized city in the north of Jordan that contains more sand than people.

During my first week of classes at Yarmouk University, my Arab media class was conducted at the house of our teacher, Dr. Hala, as she was...

Flat Tires on the Kenyan Savanna

Antelope Canyon: A Natural Wonder in Native Americans’ Hands

Last winter break I went on a long road trip to explore the West coast, for the first time in my life, with ten of my Thai friends. In just over ten days, we visited Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Antelope Canyon, and the Grand Canyon. But if you ask me...

Three Takes on Panama

The Tide is High but We’re Holding On

I swear I thought someone was drowning. The sun was drawing the tan out of my pale face, slowly and painfully, when the screams pierced through my dazed slumber. I sat up slowly, dazed, and began...