The Taste of Salt: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

My tongue was numb from the cold, and every time I took a deep breath, I noticed a salty savor in my mouth. Even though I was coming from La Paz, Bolivia’s capital city with the highest altitude in the world, I still felt vertigo from altitude...

At Gunpoint: Assisi

H20 in S.E.A

Cemetary Spirits in Cambodia

To the South of South Korea

A city too complicated for its own good: Beijing

My alarm buzzes at five am and I roll over on my knobbly, hard mattress – “good for your posture” – and rip open my curtains somewhat violently, the sharp whisk of plastic on rusted rails completing the job my alarm clock started. The sky is a...

The Science of Bermuda

A March through Oxford

36 Hours in South Korea

You’re walking through South Korea’s Incheon International Airport in a dazed and confused state after fourteen hours of watching cheesy movies on your tiny airplane TV. You have a light backpack in tow, your passport in hand, and some...

Ticket to the Past: Nanjing

Lion Pride: Zimbabwe

Ever since I was a little kid, wildlife has always been a strong interest of mine. I absolutely loved all types of animals, but my favorite was always lions, and The Lion King likely had a little to do with that. This summer, with the help of...